Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Floppy leather hippy hat - HATS AS A FASHION STATEMENT

Hippie values and fashion had a major effect on the 1960's culture, influencing politics, music, television, film, literature, and art. This decade witnessed political assassinations, liberation and a growing revolutionary sentiment. By the end of the decade, America had landed on the moon, rock music ruled the day, and the psychedelic style was everywhere.
Hippie clothing choices ranged from the very plain to the extreme. Some "flower children" preferred to dress as simply as possible to help commune with nature; there was no need to present yourself in an outrageous way. Their journey in life was to be one with their own nature, as well as Mother Nature. You might see these people dressed in plain bell-bottom jeans, flowing ankle-length skirts and loose-fitting halter and tank-tops for the ladies; worn-out jeans, T-shirt and floppy leather hippy hats for the gents. The more flamboyant hippies embraced the counterculture nature of the '60s by dressing wildly; their clothing was eccentric and bright, meant to challenge mainstream society. In this hippie style, anything goes: jester hats, luxury fabrics such as velvet, sequins, fringed leather. Tie-dyed clothing, especially T-shirts, was worn by almost everyone.

The long straight hair styles worn by Hippies resurrected the popularity of the floppy leather hat.  The popularity of the floppy leather hat has never waned in all this time, although it has had a resurgence of popularity in recent years.
For those   who enjoy wearing hats, regular leather brimmed hats tend to be rather thick and stiff in construction. To keep the brim shape, makers   sew wire into the brim perimeter. This works well until you drop the hat on its brim. Then you have to spend a lot of time bending it back into shape. And you have to forget packing one of these in anything but a hat box (hard to find these days, except in antique stores). They do not travel well.

Now the floppy leather hippy hat (as well as the Outback Leather Western Hat) are much more versatile and can easily be packed without ruining their shape. They are in the outback style, which means they are essentially cowboy hats, but with brims that don't curl upward like American ones.   They are lightweight and comfortable to wear as well as stylish.